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Longarm Quilting Services 

All quilting is done on an Innova M28 longarm machine. 

Edge to Edge

I currently offer edge to edge quilting.


$.0175 per square inch for simple, less dense designs

$.02 per square inch for more complex, and denser designs. 

Minimum charge $40


I offer Hobbs 80/20 batting or you can bring your own. If you bring your own it needs to be three to four inches bigger then the quilt top on ALL sides.


Piecing back or other seams: $10.00 per seam

If ironing is needed: $15.00 per hour

Binding: $0.15 per linear inch (perimeter of quilt)

How to figure out pricing for quilting on your quilt.

Multiply Width X Length of quilt in inches

Multiply the area of the quilt X price per inch = price of quilting

Ex. twin quilt measuring 54” x 90” is 4860 square inches.

4860 x $.0175 = $85.05 for a twin quilt.

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